About Roma

The Genesis of Roma Gourmet Sausage

Roma Sausage has been making premium sausage since 1963, moved their operation to the current state of the art location in East Baltimore in 2008 after Al Pecora sold his interest in A.V. Imports, a wine and liquor importing company that was the catalyst of producing such wines as Luna di Luna, Aristicratico and many other major brands that are still available in the U.S. market today.

In 2008, Al invested in Roma Sausage and his initial idea of venturing into the sausage business came after visiting his nephew Vincenzo Rota, in La Sila, Calabria, Italy. The production facility, San Vincenzo Salumi, owned by Vincenzo is very modern producing the highest quality sausage, salamis and many other gourmet pork products. San Vincenzo Salumi can be readily found throughout Europe, Russia and Canada. Al imported this vision to the U.S. with the desire to emulate the Calabrese Sausage philosophy.

Our Mission

The mission of Roma Gourmet Foods is to be an industry leader in the production and distribution of premium, hand-crafted sausage products. Roma Gourmet Foods will offer its customers a variety of the finest sausages. We will provide our customers with a superior level of service, utilizing Roma Gourmet Foods’ skilled production, management, sales and marketing teams while we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, as we maintain our ongoing commitment to quality, service, and education.

Quality Assurance

At Roma Gourmet Sausage we never use organ meats or meat by-products in any of our sausage. We receive daily deliveries from our meat purveyor and hand trim all meat before making our sausage. Hand trimming ensures that Roma Gourmet Sausage always exceeds the USDA standard for leanness in our product. All of our herbs and spices are stored in a temperature controlled spice room to guarantee peak flavor. The herbs and spices are blended by hand before marrying with the select cuts of pork. We refuse to cut corners in ingredients or technique, we proudly produce in small batches the artisan way to ensure quality.


Roma uses natural casings in all their pork sausages. Natural casings are traditional products that have been used in the production of meat specialties for centuries and have remained virtually unchanged in function, appearance, and composition. Salt and water are all that are used for cleaning and preservation. Due to their non-uniform appearance, sausages stuffed in natural casings are clearly distinguishable from mass-produced products and are therefore acceptable as a higher quality, premium product.

Collagen Casings are used in Roma’s poultry sausage. Collagen is a natural protein that has been synthesized into a material for casing sausage, are mainly produced from the collagen beef hide. Collagen casings have a pleasant and neutral scent.